Rugs for Masjid

Global Traders offers a variety of prayer carpets both in quality and design. Ranging from the traditional, classic motifs to the more subtle patterns, the selection of carpets is well balanced.

Global Traders offers four designs each in two variations of color. Our carpets are made with the finest, most resilient man-made fibers in today’s marketplace.

Premium quality: an outstanding product that exceeds any expectation of durability and wear

All carpets are made to order. Delivery time is approximately a minimum of 12 weeks after receipt of order. Your actual delivery time will be given to you at the time of order.

S-1 YSL - Olive

S-1 BRG - Burgundy

S-2 YSL - Olive

S-2 BRG - Burgundy

S-3 YSL - Olive

S-3 BRG - Burgundy

S-4 YSL - Olive

S-4 BRD - Burgundy