Rugs for Masjid

Rugs for Masjid – Description

Premium Quality

  • Four hundred and sixteen thousand (416,000) points per square meter
  • 12 mm pile height
  • Total weight: 2,750 grams per square meter (5.07 lbs/sq yd)
  • Yarn: Heat set polypropylene yarn (polypropylene yarns are, by their nature, stain resistant)
  • Double shot

Note:  All size, measurements, weights, and colors are approximate.

Disclaimer: Installation of Carpet


  1. This carpet is basically installed like a wall-to-wall carpet. As this carpet is woven, a good installer would know not to stretch it too much. We recommend putting padding under the carpet which can be purchased from any carpet supply store.
  2. These prayer rugs, like most prayer rugs in the world, are woven products made with a face-to-face technique. This means that the carpet has a pile directions ‘up’ or ‘down’; 50% of the rolls have an ‘up’ pile direction, 50% of the rolls have a ‘down’ pile direction. As a result of this it is possible that when the rolls are installed, due to light, an optical, not a real, color difference can be noted. We want you to know this and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. It is suggested therefore, that prior to installation of the prayer carpet you separate those rolls with the nap going ‘up’ from those with the nap going ‘down’ (You can identify these rolls by rubbing over them as if rubbing over your hair with and against the way your hair lays with the pattern of the different rolls all pointing in the same direction).
  4. Further we suggest installing the rolls with the same lay of the nap next to one another. This way you should have one side of the mosque with carpet with a nap going one way and the other side going the opposite direction. This way you will limit optical color differences.

S-1 YSL - Olive

S-1 BRG - Burgundy

S-2 YSL - Olive

S-2 BRG - Burgundy

S-3 YSL - Olive

S-3 BRG - Burgundy

S-4 YSL - Olive

S-4 BRD - Burgundy